About Bournemouth

Situated on the South Coast of England, Bournemouth is a wonderful diverse town that has a lot to offer its residents.

Bournemouth is in close proximity to some wonderful natural sights such as its beach and the Jurassic Coast. On your doorstep will be a wide range of Blue Flag beaches that will take your breath away. Famed for being the burial place of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, Bournemouth has fast established a reputation as one of the liveliest towns on the South Coast.

About Bournemouth

So whether you are new to the area or are returning, Bournemouth has something for everyone, and you can be assured that your needs will be well catered for during your time here. For those of you with families, Bournemouth has many schools in the town that are of a high standard. Two of the grammar schools in Bournemouth have come out as nearly top in rankings made for England.

About Bournemouth
Rooms to Rent Bournemouth

Bournemouth is an affordable town to live in, and there is a great range of properties to suit all requests and budgets.

The areas such as Charminster, Southbourne and Westbourne have a diverse selection of housing and are located within close proximity to all of the sights such as the beach and shops.

Bournemouth is made up lots of little ‘villages’ with each having their very own character and distinctive personality.

An added attraction of Bournemouth is that everything is almost within reasonable walking distance. If your legs are tired, the town has a wonderful, and diverse travel network made up of buses and taxis. The town has a night bus provided by the bus provider More Bus. So if you’re running late or are returning from a night out on Friday or Saturday, there is a bus that operates every half an hour after 1am which will take you from Bournemouth to Poole, Boscombe or Charminster.

There is a superb range of nightlife all over Bournemouth which attracts people from all over the U.K.

Nightclubs, clubs and bars are well spread out from the town centre onwards. In addition, there is a thriving gay scene in the Triangle which has a selection of venues that are suitable for gays. So whatever your music taste or preferences, Bournemouth has a great selection for all.

Bournemouth also has a wonderful restaurant scene with a diverse amount of cuisines in the town. Should you fancy it, you will be able to eat high-quality food in a range of restaurants. Bournemouth is noted for its culinary diversity and provides the following cuisines: Chinese, Italian, Spanish, American and many more. Additionally, you are located close to the New Forest and can indulge in your nature-lover side. Bournemouth has a range of entertainment facilities including world-renowned theatres and the BIC.

about bournemouth